Ok. First some weblogs I like, so you can see what this is all about :

kempa has a lot of wit, and his articles are great ! Check his Axl Rose things…

Nanette is this kind of girl you can only see on the internet, it seems they never exist in the real life. In my neighboorhood, at least, but america is such a strange country :).

Andre Torrez’ blog is more about his life that internet links, but it’s extremely funny and sweet.

Devon has good musical tastes. Check this out.

And Glenn’s weekly War Against Silence is one of the best music reviews online, established 1995 and still alive. Just search his web with words like ‘My so-called life’, ‘Tori Amos’ or ‘Guided by Voices’ to be amazed. He’s a prolific reviewer and has a lot of tenderness for his « victims ».

More later.

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