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This guy is sooo lucky… You can say what you want about Britney, but she’s hot. dot. At least she doesn’t want us to believe she’s doing Aaaaart (fans of Céline Dion, this one was for you ; wake up please). Britney, it’s just money, teen lust and mainstream musak, you are warned from the beginning.

And please spare me your feminist shit like this Rachel Thing email.

A spiritual joke is pleasing from times to times.

Remember the purity test ? An old internet classic you should do. I did it again a moment ago (oops!) and I couldn’t get under the score of 74% of purity, again. I’m so straight…

Anyway, for my male readers, the new hip test is the suave-o-meter which will tell you how appreciated you are by girls as a potential love-mate. I won’t tell you my score, since as adam stated it (to fellow webloggeurs) :

any credibility you had in claiming « suaveness » was immediately shot the second you posted your score on the « suave-o-meter » to your weblog. in this post

Anyway, people from any gender are encouraged to try the others tests from, which are well-written, interesting, and above the standard of your disappointing boy/girl magazine summer tests.

My friend Richard maintains his large website (in French), where you can find the famous « Zone Pingouin », evidences that he’s a php3 guru, and a large collection of useful links, among many other stuff. Go there to find the view of a guy who’s been a professional webmaster for more years than any dumb start-up empty-headed prick in the business since Time said it’s hot money-making. Respect.

Hey ! Are you all sleeping ?

The only reaction I got so far ’bout this blog came from Nick, my old friend (almost ten years, mate!) who’s trying to be more leftist than me and wins :

« that may be a different way to use internet » : very elegantly said ; I hope that at least there are porn sites in your weblog…:-)

(translated by me)

Thanks for the humour… but not for the sarcasm ! Yes, there’s another way to use internet, which is not driven by money, greed and the pursuit for power. But you’ve got to search behind a thick layer of crap sites to find it. I guess that it’s the purpose of weblogs to generate a mutual aid network to help people digging…

Enough theory. And… there isn’t porn links so far here, but why not ? A bit of erotism here.

Dinette’s weblog has a wonderful design, and it’s quite funny.