This week’s longreads (week 2, 2014)

This week’s longreads (week 2, 2014)

Paul Tough, A Speck in The Sea — The New York Times Magazine, january 2014
DISCUSSED: a stupid move, Long Island fishermen, a fun-loving loudmouth riding an unicycle literally losing his best friend, letting something for your parents to bury

Lincoln Steffens, The Shame of Minneapolis — McClure’s Magazine, january 1903
DISCUSSED: hating strict laws, charity for the destitute, disorderly houses & opium joints, regulating lawlessness, wanting to accomplish
MY POINT: like a whole season of The Wire, but written in 1903. One of the seminal articles of « muckracking » journalism, that « shaped investigative journalism in America ».

Jeff Sharlet, Voice and Hammer — The Virginia Quarterly Review, fall 2013
DISCUSSED: Harry Belafonte, outsolding Elvis, the safest Negro in America, $800.000 to stop putting black and white backup singers together on TV, the best band in jazz, the scandal of marrying a white woman, one of the Civil Rights Movement’s biggest donors

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