This week’s longreads (week 35, 2013)

David Graeber, On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs – Strike! Magazine, august 2013
DISCUSSED: fancy sneakers, the conveniency of work as a moral value, an ex-indie rock frontman turned corporate lawyer, a century of trial and error

David Pogue, Glasses That Solve Colorblindness, for a Big Price Tag – New York Times’ Blogs, august 2013
DISCUSSED:, the Ishihara test, an old brown Vermont barn roof, a surge of emotion, breath-catching wonder

Rose George, ‘Like Being in Prison with a Salary’: The Secret World of the Shipping Industry – Longreads Blogs, august 2013
DISCUSSED: 746 million bananas, queen Hatshepsut of Egypt, the vast and dizzying interests of a global corporation, astonishing abuses of human rights

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