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Tesla was a badass

Badass of the week : Nikola Tesla

The Croatian-born engineer spoke eight languages, almost single-handedly developed technology that harnessed the power of electricity for household use, and invented things like electrical generators, FM radio, remote control, robots, spark plugs, fluorescent lights, and giant-ass machines that shoot enormous, brain-frying fucking lightning bolts all over the place like crazy. He had an unyielding, steel-trap photographic memory and an insane ability to visualize even the most complex pieces of machinery – the guy did advanced calculus and physics equations in his fucking head, memorized entire books at a time, and successfully pulled off scientific experiments that modern-day technology STILL can’t replicate.

France forgets freedom

The Inquirer : France forgets freedom

It is the first time that a Western government has applied the same authoritarian powers to copyright enforcement that it had for terrorism, those of punishment without rights to trial.

What is even more scary is that France has delegated that power to a private cartel rather than the civil authorities. A person does not have to be a found guilty of anything under French law to be disconnected from the Internet, Big Entertainment has merely to make an accusation.