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08 avril 2005

Sweet Cucumber (très bon weblog installé au Cambodge) : Ch-ch-ch-changes
Supermarkets are getting bigger and better. It seems like they are offering more (western) goodies every week; the selections have become much wider and diverse. Prices for what seemed to be luxury goods only 10 months ago - cheese, wine, meat, butter, etcetera - have come down to reasonable levels now. The quality of the produce seems to rise as quantity goes up. But the biggest change - and this started to happen just recently - is the balance between barang and Khmer shoppers. Ten months ago Khmer folk shopping at Lucky's Market were something of an exception. Nowadays, and especially on Sundays, Lucky's is crowded with Khmer shoppers, and they're not only sightseeing anymore: they are buying. The rise of the new middle-class...
(Le reste du site est aussi très intéressant.)
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