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29 mars 2004

Les plus meurtrières sont les meilleures

Suite de l'examen de la tentative d'humour de GW Bush à propos des introuvables armes de destruction massive en Irak, avec le point de vue d'un éditorialiste étatsunien présent au dîner de gala.
The Nation : WMDs--For Bush, It's a Joke
Imagine if Lyndon Johnson had joked about the trumped-up Gulf of Tonkin incident that he deceitfully used as a rationale for U.S. military action in Vietnam: "Who knew that fish had torpedoes?" Or if Ronald Reagan appeared at a correspondents event following the truck-bombing at the Marines barracks in Beirut--which killed over 200 American servicemen--and said, "Guess we forgot to put in a stop light." Or if Clinton had come out after the bombing of Serbia--during which U.S. bombs errantly destroyed the Chinese embassy and killed several people there--and said, "The problem is, those embassies--they all look alike."
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