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22 août 2000

Remember the purity test ? An old internet classic you should do. I did it again a moment ago (oops!) and I couldn't get under the score of 74% of purity, again. I'm so straight...
Anyway, for my male readers, the new hip test is the suave-o-meter which will tell you how appreciated you are by girls as a potential love-mate. I won't tell you my score, since as adam stated it (to fellow webloggeurs) :
any credibility you had in claiming "suaveness" was immediately shot the second you posted your score on the "suave-o-meter" to your weblog. in this post

Anyway, people from any gender are encouraged to try the others tests from emode.com, which are well-written, interesting, and above the standard of your disappointing boy/girl magazine summer tests.

My friend Richard maintains his large website (in French), where you can find the famous "Zone Pingouin", evidences that he's a php3 guru, and a large collection of useful links, among many other stuff. Go there to find the view of a guy who's been a professional webmaster for more years than any dumb start-up empty-headed prick in the business since Time said it's hot money-making. Respect.
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