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14 août 2000

Listening to Coldplay. A great album of ethereal pop. Everybody's talking about it : are they the new Day One :-) ? Hype goes fast.
The comparisons with Radiohead are a bit flattering, but it sure is exquisite songwriting, featuring a couple of catchy tunes bound to conquer the British charts, at the least. And it's a nice introduction to some forthcoming and exciting LPs (Radiohead, Placebo, Portishead, GYBE!).
Speaking of this, here's from nameless :
Deux infos de taille : les canadiens de Godspeed You Black Emperor ! vont sortir un nouvel album. Il s'appelera 'Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven', sera double et sortira le 9 octobre. Deuxième info de taille (pour les fans de Godspeed également), sachez que les tout-aussi-atmosphériques Sigur Ros assureront la première partie de Radiohead en europe en Septembre...

[English fast translation: GYBE! will release 'Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven', their second LP, october the 9th ; and Sigur-Ros will support RH during their European tour in September.]
This fall is gonna be post-rock and apocalyptic...

The design of this page is almost done (thnx again Dreamweaver!!). It lacks a couple of links on the right (articles, electric light...) and a better-looking logo on the top. If you feel like creating one for me, I'd be extremely grateful !
I'm taking a week of holidays, but I'll be back on duty very soon. Take care.
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