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12 août 2000

I'm listening to Daft Punk this morning.
I bought the album the week it was out, after hearing a couple of tunes on Radio Nova. Two months later it was a huge success on every dancefloor in the world.
I've immediately loved the LP. I was playing it over and over. The sound was so new, the melodies so catching, the production so perfect ! But remember : it was the early beginning of the "French Touch". Here, "techno" was still mainly a junkies & gays music (appaling, isn't it ?). Being the exact contrary of 'destroy', and openly heterosexual, I was seen as a weird little guy doing the best he can to be different from the crowd, although everybody serious knows that good music includes U2 and Boney M. Even my good friends who tried to listen the tracks were bound to tell me it's "not bad, but too repetitive"...
What strikes me the most when I listen to Homework today is how modern it sounds now. Those filters, those minimalists tunes blurring and merging to reach sophistication, this teen age mythology, this disco fake revival, all of this is now the in thing, that doesn't even emerge from the background when we hear it. Any ad, any sport coverage, any radio listening session, any shopping musak features a track by moby, propellerheads, saint germain or the chemical brothers. Especially Moby.
The only Homework tune that hasn't gone mainstream in the summer of 2000 is the headbanging Rollin' & Scratchin'. Don't think I feel proud about it, but it has been my favourite track since the day I bought the album. Go figure.
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