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07 août 2000

Hi there !
This is my first post, and this is a frightening thing, brothers and sisters...
So, why a weblog ? The first reason (the subconscious one) is that I've always planned to write something like, let's say it, a "book" and it will prove me wether I'm able to deal with small bits of writing regularly or not. The other reasons include the facts that blogs are fun, that they may be standing for all the emails I forgot to answer to (so it may calm my friends' anger down), and that keeping a weblog is way cooool, especially in countries like France, where it's still a rarity.
Now, "Why a weblog in English ?" is the next pertinent question. First, I have to say that I will probably switch to French from times to times, when inspiration or enthusiasm will be lacking, when my posts will be specifically intended to French audiences, or... for dirty words if I feel like it. Anyway, 99% of the visitors should be French or French-speaking, so that shouldn't matter that much.
Back to the point : English is the widespread #1 language on the internet, especially in the field of independent pop/rock music, which will without doubts be my favourite subject. And above that it's a fucking great language that I truly love, yes sir ! Brushing it up will be beneficial anyway.
See you very soon. I'll try to entertain you ; that may not work, but you know that's because
... everybody's weird !

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