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21 août 2000

Hey ! Are you all sleeping ?
The only reaction I got so far 'bout this blog came from Nick, my old friend (almost ten years, mate!) who's trying to be more leftist than me and wins :
"that may be a different way to use internet" : very elegantly said ; I hope that at least there are porn sites in your weblog...:-)
(translated by me)
Thanks for the humour... but not for the sarcasm ! Yes, there's another way to use internet, which is not driven by money, greed and the pursuit for power. But you've got to search behind a thick layer of crap sites to find it. I guess that it's the purpose of weblogs to generate a mutual aid network to help people digging...
Enough theory. And... there isn't porn links so far here, but why not ? A bit of erotism here.

Dinette's weblog has a wonderful design, and it's quite funny.
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